Winston County Substance Use Disorder Services

Substance use disorder services are provided for adolescents and adults in Winston County at the Winston County outpatient office in Haleyville. To schedule an appointment or get more information call 205-486-4111.

Clinical services for substance use disorders include: emergency/crisis intervention services, screening, assessment, individual and group therapy, medication assisted treatment, case management, co-occurring services, referrals for detoxification and residential treatment services, follow-up and aftercare services.

Alcohol/drug education sessions are provided in Winston County upon request to facilitate general education related to chemical dependency and recovery.

Northwest Alabama Mental Health offers Court Referral Education Programs contracted with the Administrative Office of Courts for Level I, Level II and Youth & Juvenile Education. Anger management and domestic violence education are provided upon referral from court recommendations.

Drug Free Workplace, contracts for Urine Drug Screening, and Employee Assistance Program services are contracted services.