Winston County Day Treatment Programs

Walker OfficePartial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
A highly structured short-term therapeutic program for adults with acute psychiatric problems. This program is designed to help prevent inpatient hospitalization or to reduce the length of hospitalization by providing an intense level of care and services. Individuals enrolled in PHP attend five days per week and recieve individual therapy, group therapy, educational groups, activity therapy, psychiatric medication evaluation and amangement. This program is located at our main office and referrals may be made my calling (205) 486-4111.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
This program is the least intensive level of adult day programs. The Psychiatric Rehab Program utilizes educational classes and supervised work programs to help consumers acquire employment skills, enhance basic living skills, and improve socialization skills. This program operates five days per week with participants attending a minimum of one day per week. This program is located at the main office and referrals may be made by calling (205) 486-4111.