Marion County MI Residential Services

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Northwest offers a wide array of adult mental illness residential services and facilities conveniently located in each of our five counties. Levels of care extend from intensely structured Residential Care Homes with Specialized Services (Behavioral) to Residential Care Homes (Basic) to Supported Housing Apartments.

Our primary referral sources are Bryce and North Alabama Regional State Hospitals, Walker Baptist Behavioral Medicine Unit and other local psychiatric inpatient units, Northwest and other community mental health center programs (typically Outpatient and Day Programs) and the community at large.

Appropriate referrals require a primary psychiatric diagnosis, are voluntary and have a history of requiring state or local inpatient psychiatric hospitalization or carry a high-risk diagnosis, are in need of 24-hour protective oversight and/or supervision in daily living and demonstrate a combination of symptoms and behaviors that can be effectively managed in these type settings (i.e. not requiring inpatient hospitalization or whose needs would be met if receiving treatment in a less structured setting).

Exclusionary criteria include those with a principal diagnosis of alcoholism or drug dependence, primary physical disorders, primary organic disorder (brain damage), or principal diagnosis of intellectual deficit.

The following services are provided in-house by each program or arranged by the residential staff depending upon the needs of the individual consumer:

  • Assistance in applying for benefits
  • Assistance in improving social and communication skills
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Assistance in the development of basic living skills
  • Basic vocational training and/or referral
  • Community orientation
  • Recreation and activities
  • Assistance in locating and maintaining appropriate long-term community placement
  • Transportation to and from necessary community services and supports
  • Education about mental illness
  • Family Support and Education