Lamar County DD Residential Services

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services currently offers two types of residential programs: Certified Residential Facilities (CRF) and Personal Care Services.

Personal Care Services allow individuals with DD to live at home with family. Staff come into the home to assist the individual with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Through this service, primary caregivers are provided much needed assistance with the daily care of their loved ones.

Certified Residential Facilities, (CRF), comprise the largest percentage of the residential programs. In these homes, daily habilitation is provided for individuals with ID/DD diagnoses ranging from mild to profound. Instruction is provided in self-care, economics, independent functioning, socialization, and leisure skills. Upon admission to the program, several evaluations are conducted to determine each individual’s level of functioning, needs, and likes/dislikes. A Person Centered Plan (PCP) is then formulated to address the individual’s dreams and long term goals. The PCP involves a process of gathering information about the individual and using that information to form a Support Team and to develop a path to assist the individual in reaching his goals and dreams.

The PCP includes supportive activities including shopping, banking, church functions, and leisure activities such as bowling, dances and dining out.

The objective of the CRF is to provide the necessary supports for the individual in the least restrictive setting as he strives toward maximum independence and realization of his goals and dreams.

Individual choice is encouraged in all areas of life, and every effort is made to accommodate these choices. The personal preferences of each individual are apparent throughout each home.

Strong bonds among the individuals and between the staff and the individuals are a natural development in the CRF environment. The CRF is home to those who live there, and it tends to develop a personality and atmosphere all its own. Spending forty hours each week in the homes, staff become extended family to the individuals.

Northwest currently serves 70 individuals in CRF programs throughout our five county catchment and employs 150 + staff.