Lamar County Children’s Services

Outpatient and Psychiatric Services 3 -18 yrs – individual, family and group therapy, psychiatric services, testing, parenting, Case Management, crisis intervention, consultations, referrals, etc., without education.
Juvenile Court Liaison Services 5 Counties, provides linkage of information, court assessments, and mental health consultations/education between Juvenile Court and Mental Health; short term therapeutic services and referrals, etc.
Summer Mainstream 6 – 12 years (usually) – Child Day Treatment (June/July) without education.

Mission Statement – Lamar County Children’s Service is committed to providing an accessible, effective, and comprehensive continuum of care for children and their families; promoting the improvement of their mental health and well-being; and  guaranteeing the highest level of quality through the utilization of a safe, supportive, and responsive atmosphere.

We help kids who show serious emotional and behavioral problems resulting from overall family stress, divorce matters, abuse and neglect experiences, substance abuse issues, and developmental challenges. Therapeutic services are individually tailored to the specific needs of each child and family situation.

Lamar Children’s Services

Director: Jeffrey Edwards
1626 County Rd 9
Vernon, AL 35592