Frequently Asked Questions:

How may I check the status of my application?

Once you have submitted your application, you should receive an automatic email, confirming it has been received in our HR Dept for review.

I submitted an application, received my email confirmation, and have not heard from anyone. Can I call to check on it?

No. After you receive your email confirmation, your application will be reviewed in the HR dept to determine qualification for the job requirements. It is then forwarded to the hiring supervisor for that position. The supervisor will review all the applications sent, and make selections for interviewing.

What if I do not receive a call for an interview?

Due to the large volume of applicants, not everyone is selected for interview. Any applications not selected for interview by a supervisor are returned to HR for other Supervisors to review for other similar positions.

May I speak with the manager or supervisor about the position?

The first step in seeking employment at NWAMHC is to complete our online application. Each job position will give an overview of the specific position requirements. If you are selected for an interview, the hiring supervisor will contact you.

I have applied several times, and have not been contacted for an interview.

Based on the information you provided, you were not selected for that specific position. Many factors which may include availability, work history, experience, and education requirements are taken into consideration when determining the next steps with an applicant.

How often can I apply for a position?

For Entry level (High School/GED) positions, your application is considered current for 90 days. If you have not received a call from a supervisor after that time, you may want to complete another application so your information is kept current.
For other professional level positions, your application is considered current for 6 months. If your information needs refreshing or updating, please do so thru our website application system.

Do I have to fill out a separate application for each position of interest?

If you indicate more than one position on your application, one application will suffice. Multi-applications will slow down the application/hiring process. Keeping all your information on one document will be easier on all concerned.

May I bring or send my resume to your HR office?

Resumes must be submitted with your online application. You may update your information at any time using the online application system. This helps ensure that all your most current information is centrally located for your own benefit.

What is the salary range for a position posted on the NWAMHC website?

NWAMHC does not list salary ranges when a job is posted; however, if you are selected for an interview, the Director/Supervisor will review the salary range prior to or during your interview. Each position is assigned a specific grade with a minimum and maximum salary range; however, relevant experience is taken into consideration when quoting an exact salary.

I am interested in applying for a position on the NWAMHC website, and I have questions about the position, such as shift, work schedule, and pay range. May I speak with someone to learn more about the position?

Every posted position has the job requirements and job descriptions listed for review. The salary range will be discussed if you are selected for an interview. Please review the posted information.

I have questions about the education requirements for a position I am interested in.

Education level requirements are posted with each job listed. Because of the billing of services we provide to our consumers, we must meet the guidelines set out by the State of Alabama, Medicaid, and Medicare. We must provide proof of education on any staff we hire. All entry level staff must have graduated from a state accredited high school or earned a GED from an accredited school/source. Bachelors and Masters level applicants must have degrees in mental health related fields. Applicants will be reviewed for specific job position requirements.

What does PT, FT, FT Temp, PRN mean?

Those initials designate the status of the job. PT= Part Time, up to 25 hours per week; FT=40 hrs per week, includes benefits; FT Temp=a temporary full time position, works 40 hrs per week, but no benefits. PRN =Part time, on-call as needed (no set schedule).

What benefits does your Center provide with full time employment?

Please refer to the Benefits section located on our HR section of our website. Part Time employment status does not include Center benefits package.