Medical Directors
Dr. Syed Aftab
Mental Illness Administrators
April Knight Prevention Services
Leigh Few Consumer Support
Loren Capsopoulos Forensic Unit in Marion County
Sheila Cole Director of Behavioral Medicine Unit
Julie Carpenter Outpatient Services, Winston County
Annalee Rubley Outpatient Services, Walker County
Nancy Kennedy Outpatient Services, Fayette County
Nancy Kennedy Outpatient Services, Lamar County
Teresa Estes Outpatient Services, Marion County
Community Relations/Hospital Liaison
Angela Glasgow Director of Nursing Delegation Program
Icyana Dunn CRU Director
Children’s Services Administrators
Pollyanna Higgs Children’s Services for Walker, Marion & Winston Co
Jeffrey Edwards Children’s Services for Fayette & Lamar Co
Substance Abuse Services
Gwen Thomas-LeBlanc Substance Abuse Services
Residential Services Administrators
Cynthia Summerville Marion/Fayette/Lamar Residential Administrator
AnnaLee Rubley  Walker Residential Administrator
Julie Carpenter Winston Residential Administrator